Back to Sketch board

I have always been fascinated by charcoal sketches or let’s say, black and white images. The contrast is so appealing. Recently I found myself craving to pick up my charcoal pencil and sketch something. And as soon as I bought my new charcoal pencil, the idea and inspiration appeared in front of me in the form of this blog post. And the sketch I wanted to imitate is this one. So I started working… I am not a very good artist (you have been warned), but I love to when I get inspired.. I tend not to let the flow of creativity get blocked. 

So… Here is what I accomplished.

This below one is the first version:


And this is the second version :


And here’s both together.


I personally like my second version of the sketch, but please do tell me your opinion on which one you like better..and why.. Also please do give me tips to improve. I know that I need to improve on my shading skills! 😀