“The poet wrote:

I met a stranger in the night, whose lamp had ceased to shine;

I paused and let him light his lamp from mine.


For the love of Calvin and Hobbes!

I just love Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. Its not only amusing and entertaining, but often provides those hitches of reality that one has experienced in his/her life. And when you see some of that experiences and some of the questions you have had, represented in a cartoon and asked by an amazing six year old and his albeit stuffed pet tiger.. you just fall for it!

Here are a few of the cartoon strips, mostly found spread in the internet.

On Death, and purpose of Life : –

On Working to achieve :–

On Education :-

Life Lessons :

On Growing up : —

From Darkness to light..

My thirst to sketch wasn’t fulfilled… I wanted to do something more..  So I thought of another theme to work on.

It didn’t take me long..  Apparently today is Easter, the day Jesus Christ rose from his death. Resurrection. Well that was the theme.. but rather than resurrection, what I wanted in my heart was to show a transition.. from death to life.. from darkness to light.

During my schooling, everyday activities started with a morning prayer. A prayer in which the first three line was taken from one of the primary upanishads, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad written by Yagnavalkya.

It went on as …

om asato mā sadgamaya
tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
mṛtyor mā amṛtaṁ gamaya
om śānti śānti śānti

Lead Us From the Unreal To the Real,
Lead Us From Darkness To Light,
Lead Us From Death To Immortality,
Let there be peace peace and peace everywhere.

All these lines, convey of transition.. of resurrection of the human self, as we progress in self realization.And so, without further adieu, I started sketching the concept.. just the second line.. Lead me from Darkness to light..

And here it is…

Up the stairs..and into the light...


Everyone cries, regardless of age, regardless of gender.. and tears wash out all the negativity in you and it shall soothe and calm you down. Just like the summer shower which takes away the heat to soothe and calm you.

No wonder Alfred Austin said “Tears are the summer showers to the soul”.

So I decided to sketch it 🙂

As I close my eyes...the tears roll down...