How God Works and Nash Equilibrium

Being a Hindu is a great privilege for a person like me. Creative and intellectual freedom is of prime most importance for me..reason which trail back to the the way I was nurtured. Hinduism gives me this freedom even in the very context of spirituality. For some, the definition of GOD maybe very complex..for some others its very simple…and for some other others its just a matter of blind faith, belief and worship. I am not an atheist, altruist or whatever. I am firm believer. I believe but my belief and my definition of God is created by my intellect.

I recollect a conversation I had with one of mentors during the final year of undergrad. My mentor was speaking of how man can never understand how God works! His argument was simple. As Engineers…and it goes for scientists as well.. we all work from a reference point. We all tend to have an initial assumptions. For eg. What do you think the Voltage of a typical AA-type battery would be?? 1.5 Volts? Wrong. Its 1.5 Volts more than the voltage of the Standard Hydrogen electrode(SHE) which is assumed to be at 0 volts. See..

Everything which man has created is based on such reference points and assumptions.. Now coming back to my mentors argument which was “God doesn’t work with reference and assumptions”. This entire universe was manifested and where is its reference point? No one knows. And henceforth man can never predict the ways of heaven.And I didn’t have any argument to continue the debate. But maybe today I think I have an argument on how God works.

I think God works based on Equilibrium. Something like Nash Equilibrium. I don’t know much about Nash Equilibrium like the scientists who walks and talks about its implications. (Yeah!! It affected global theory..and what not.. 🙂 )

From Wiki, I could grab these lines..
“Stated simply, Amy and Phil are in Nash equilibrium if Amy is making the best decision she can, taking into account Phil’s decision, and Phil is making the best decision he can, taking into account Amy’s decision. Likewise, a group of players is in Nash equilibrium if each one is making the best decision that he or she can, taking into account the decisions of the others. However, Nash equilibrium does not necessarily mean the best cumulative payoff for all the players involved; in many cases all the players might improve their payoffs if they could somehow agree on strategies different from the Nash equilibrium (e.g., competing businesses forming a cartel in order to increase their profits).” time for my creative genius to restructure and recreate these lines in such a way so that it explains how god works.

Including the Philosophy “All the world’s a stage and we are all mere actors”.. I tend to propose that when we live life, we obviously make choices which seem to be in accordance to the freewill and which we think guarantees the best consequence. Here the decisions or choices we make may or may not be in Nash’s Equilibrium. But the consequences of these choice are in Nash’s equilibrium. And the agent which tries to keep the consequences of all choices (regardless of whether it be a good one/ best one or worst one) is what we call god. God thus tries to achieve Equilibrium of outcomes. If you consider god to be a person..then truly he/she is not concerned about the way you look, talk, or work..neither your color, creed and what not.. He just gives you the best consequences there is,for the choices you make, such that the inherent equilibrium ( nature’s equilibrium) is not lost. In such a way.. He/ She is a just administrator. 🙂 🙂

But this theory still doesn’t substantiate why our science has a lot of references and assumptions 😦

Now I’ll be on the lookout for new theories which fills the gaps.  🙂