Mario Time

So, I saw this sketch and got inspired. Really inspired. So I decided to try drawing Mario myself. I have had my fair share of seeing him jump up and down on the screen, eat mushroom, and go down tubes and raise flags! So with all that nostalgic feelings coming up, I started sketching Mario….And with my own crude skills sets in sketching, I managed to get it done in the following fashion.

Mario using charcoal

Hmm.. So what do you think??


IBM toys with atoms!

IBM, recently released a short clip/movie in which they arranged atoms to create a boy like figure and then the boy goes around playing with other atoms in the vicinity. You can watch it below :

Hmm, so what does that mean to a anyone??

Well, as computer move from life size to lap size to palm size and so on, in the near future, atomic computation is going to be the norm. For this to be successful, the ability to move atoms, are very crucial. The movement of atoms can play a huge role in creation of atomic memory modules. So..its on-wards to next-gen technology!

More details are published by IBM Media at this website.