My Arduino UNO R3

Finally! The days of Arduino Hacking is here. I bought my own Arduino UNO from Simplelabs along with the Quick Start kit – the main attraction of which was the solder-less breadboard, the wire-stripper and the screwdriver.. ( I needed those desperately!).

My Ardiuno UNO

My Arduino UNO R3

Now that I got the Arduino, I wasted no time in pleasing the embedded gods by uploading the classical “hello world” program of the bit world..lovingly called the “Blink”.

The “Blink” is one of the pre-defined example in the Arduino IDE and you just have to verify and compile it and then connect your Arduino board and upload the compiled program image onto the microcontroller. (Yes. there are some pre-requisites before for setting up the IDE and its pretty straightforward. I will write about this setup in the next post.) On successful upload you can usually see the on-board LED named ‘L’ starting to blink. If you are still not convinced with the on-board LED,  you can check the same output by connecting an actual LED between the Port 13 and GND (with Anode[+], which is the longer leg of LED, connected to I/O port 13 and cathode connected to the GND port).

And it shall blink!

The LED in OFF State
LED Turned OFF – Arduino Blink Working
LED turned on
LED Turned ON – Arduino Blink Working

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