Presenting Non-linear presentations

A presentation aids a public speaker, a professional as well as an academician whenever they step into the limelight to project their idea or achievement to a larger audience. Now, this powerful tool can be made even more impressive by (carefully) adding some non-linearity to the presentation style.

Most of the presentation that we create today is a linear presentation, with a particular order. And although that is a great way of presenting things, sometimes they dull out and sometimes the audience is not immersed enough to understand the completeness of your idea.

If you face such challenges, where you need to get your audience involved in your talk, its a great idea to use a non-linear presentation.

Non-linear presentations are those presentations which uses a series of rotations, translations and zooming levels to emphasize and present the content. Few might consider that calling such type of presentations a Non-linear presentation is a misnomer. Rather it should be called a free canvas mode of presentation where there is a blank canvas where you can put in your entire idea and then emphasize areas where you need the audience attention in order to deliver the idea to them. I agree to that notion but don’t find any fault in calling it non-linear as well, cause it definitely uses rotations!

Now,enough theory..let’s make some presentations. There are many proprietary methods to create a non-linear presentation. Prezi is one among them and like they say.. “When you are creative.. Your ideas matter!”

Now we all can’t afford proprietary software and that is where Open Source steps in to save us. Welcome Sozi. Sozi is an extension of vector graphics tool called Inkscape and using Sozi extensions, you can create SVG files which can be played on most of the modern web browser (like Firefox and Chrome) as a presentation. And since its not flash dependent, iOS devices also shall support it.

So what are we waiting for..let’s jump in and make some non-linear presentations.

The instructions for installing Sozi is present in its website (link given above).

A quick tutorial to get you started is right here.

Enjoy the non-linear presentations! A simple creation from my end is downloadable here. Open it up in a browser!


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