IBM’s First

IBM, as announced, is changing its CEO w.e.f Jan 1,2012. Virginia “Ginni” M. Rometty, is going to be the new CEO.

A few weeks ago when HP, another tech behemoth, gave its reins to Meg Whitman there was a huge speculation of HP trying to follow suit of IBM by bringing in an outsider to lead them out of the messy situation. IBM did that in early 90’s by bringing in Lou Gerstner Jr., the only non-IBMer, who was directly made the CEO. Now there is speculation if IBM is trying to follow suit of HP by appointing a female leader. But these speculation really don’t matter, for both companies are bellwether’s in technology and both leaders able and experienced. And again, HP is not following IBM’s history..there won’t be any spin off’s of the PC business from HP’s side although it was decided so by their earlier leadership.

What’s interesting about Virginia Rometty’s appointment is the fact that she is not only the first women to be at the helm of IBM, but she is also the first Engineer to reach the helm. All other CEO’s at IBM as accounted by this site was from the sales and marketing side.

Here’s wishing Ginni, IBM’s first woman engineer CEO the best!