The Sam Roweis Quote

I have been mentored by many good people in my life and that’s one of the greatest blessing ever. One of my mentors, Sumod, oft quotes Sam Roweis.

The quote is :

“I say never let go, never rest, never stop, never give in, never show fear, never tire. Cleaner, faster, better than everybody else, more practice, later nights, earlier mornings. Only the mediocre are always at their best. Push yourself. Keep fire in your eyes and fire in your heart and always do what you think is the right thing.”

This quote somehow gives me small shudders as sudden sadness hits me…and then all of a sudden there is a warm feeling to live through every new circumstances life throws at you. To dare and live above average! To resist mediocrity!

The sadness in hearing that quote is related to Sam’s demise and his memorial blog. I don’t know Sam personally or professionally, but the memorial blog for the brilliant soul many knew often brings tears to my eyes..

I feel helpless, as helpless and sad as his colleagues friends and family. All I can do is pray for all the people who are affected.

Sam shall continue to be an inspiration for me and for many others.


On a sunday.

Why this Sunday is important? Well, with this Sunday, I end up being 2 weeks old within IBM and I hope to get along with the company for more years to come… (Let God strengthen me for this 🙂 ) . With this Sunday, I have successfully dared the Bangalore traffic and weather for a fortnight. And it is on this day, that I share my birthday with the birthday of Lord Krishna. Its quite a REFRESHING day 🙂