IBM Watson

Did you think a computing device couldn’t beat a human in a quiz performed in human’s natural language? Well think again. IBM Watson is here. The QA system from IBM which wins Jeopardy!

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“This is history” — Dr.Jennifer Chu-Carroll, IBM Research



I was doing my “Thesis” in LaTeX and everything was great…..and then an error occurred when I tried changing the caption of a figure.
All Hell broke lose!! I tried undoing all the changes I had made to the file….but in vain! The error persisted. I knew that it was a Runaway argument, as I could see my processor usage sore to great extent..and persist there.. but the TexMaker application didn’t give me any error output. To understand where the error lay, I tried compiling the Tex files in the Linux terminal by using the command : pdflatex .tex. The error output read something like this:

Runaway argument?
{\numberline {5.1}{\ignorespaces Physical and MAC layer frame structu\ETC.
! Paragraph ended before \@dottedtocline was complete.

Something in the back of my mind told that this was related to the list of figures and so I tried commenting out the generation of the list of figures..and lo.. everything compiled and worked perfectly! But then, I needed the list of figures! I can’t remove it!

After a lot of deliberations and searching for \@dottedtocline error throughout the internet and also checking and rechecking the count of all braces.. I still couldn’t find what the error was..

Finally, I did something very random..I just removed the list of figures file from my folder, usually named .lof and recompiled…and guess what..everything is picture perfect once again. 🙂 🙂