Homage to the DIY

Nothing and I emphasize, NOTHING teaches you better than getting deep down and practically “Doing it yourself”. Getting your hands dirty, blowing up a circuit,making things fly apart and every other adventure is just a part of the learning curve which is not only fun but much more effective! And the satisfaction when you see the system you put together working, whether it be a small counter or a large UAV (Unmanned Aviation Vehicle aka drone) is priceless.

My adventures with DIY seemingly started when I was gifted a toy box,

The Mechanix! One of the most cherished gifts

called Mechanix from Zephyr. (Something great woke inside me 🙂 ) And I forever thank my mom’s sister (Indu Cheriamma) and her husband (Pradeep Elachen) for gifting me that box.

Here is a TED speech by Dale Dougherty, the editor and publisher of MAKE magazines(www.makezine.com). Listen to what he has to say 🙂

Now like Dale Dougherty says, “We all are Makers” and its not just the Americans, I feel that around the globe, there are so many of us who are driven to make.So what are you waiting for, ‘DIY! Do it yourself folks!


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