A few months ago, during summer, I had the opportunity of hearing to Dr.Rajendra Pachauri, his views and takes as well as the findings of IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).He told us that the average rise in temperature in the past 100 years has touched 0.7 deg. Celsius. If you think its a small number, you would be surprised by the fact that it has already introduced water stress in many places. A few years ago, scientist had put 2 deg. Celsius as the roof for the rise in temp. which is induced by greenhouse effect and was planning to mitigate all possible events which would make the temperature increase any further. But seemingly, if the current trend in greenhouse gas emission continues, it seems that we will be looking at a rise in temperature above 4 degree and more. That’s huge! Its implications would be shocking.

Here is an image from Wikipedia article on the effect of ‘Global Warming’ :

Risk and Impact of Global Warming

The IPCC says that humans are unequivocally responsible for  all the changes. A major economic breakdown predicted due to severe change in climatic conditions would mean imminent shift in power.. a war perhaps! In whatever perspective you see this, the end result of the continuous rise in temperature is going to be catastrophe.

To people who still don’t get it.. I wish to say no more other than this quote/question from “Calvin and Hobbes”

“Do the words ‘Complete Pandemonium’ strike terror in your heart?”

Finally, I wish to end this long post by attaching the link to  the famous video called HOME by Yann-Arthus Bertrand. Everyone has a date with the planet!


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