The latest developments

Its been some time since I blogged. The project has moved on with various experimentation’s and teaching’s!

The important ones being :

1. Starting to code in nesC and teaching it 🙂

2. I modified in the mda100 sensorboard platform to return both light and temperature..

I changed the message structure of the program “RadioSensetoLeds” and added a new data part to the message struct so that it carry the temperature data as well..and then programmed it into a mote. In another mote, I programmed the “Basestation” program which enabled me  to retrieve the messages send by the previous mote.Since the “Basestation” program bridges the radio module to the serial port and vice versa(a serial forwarder), the retrieved radio messages can be easily visualized using a serial port listener.

Finally I wrote a multi line command to convert the hex values received serially into proper temperature in celsius using “awk”. It was awesome when I wrote that command which worked brilliantly well… (gratitude to “Sir Rax”)

Now I have to do “Over the air” programming in which I have to avoid the epidemic propagation of Deluge protocol. I need to reprogram specific motes and I am stuck here… I tried converting over to 6loWPAN and using nwprog..which is point to point… But unfortunately I don’t get a UDPShell at port 2000 using nc6 from a client mote programmed using . But the tunnel driver works and the mote programmed with IPBasestation returns a shell over telnet. I can also ping the remote client using ping6…but nc6 doesn’t work. “tos-nwprog” was also missing initially from the $TOSROOT/tools/tinyos/misc folder.

Now at a standstill… Don’t know how to proceed.. Its me staring at the MicaZ motes.. Day in.. Day out.. 😦

One day everything shall work… One day…


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