OTA programming successful

After hours of serial programming..and issuing command after command.. I used Deluge to OTA program πŸ™‚ Happy now? Hmm..not yet. So I prepared my own program, Deluge supported, to see if I could re-reprogram using Deluge. After few hits and crashes.. It worked. Now time for CGRAN’s magic IEEE 802.15.4 enabled workaround for SDR to be put into work so that we can start capturing packets and see what’s being sent in real..message structure so as to speak πŸ™‚

Happy today.. Lots of masti with Sir ‘Rax’ πŸ™‚ Happy that he is finally back and by the by.. Time to reeeeeeally learn NesC now..its become a pain in the ass necessity. πŸ˜›

Feels like I have scored a home-run.. but there is a lot to improve..a lot more to be accomplished πŸ™‚


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