Getting Placed..

Campus Placements are that period in the campus life..when even the student (not all..but most of them) becomes serious. Ultimately that’s the transformation point..turning point etc. etc. for everyone’s life.
I recently got placed in three IT majors IBM, CTS and Infosys.
Getting Placed is one thing.. But choosing where to go is another dilemma. Wish life wasn’t complicated..but guess what.. No use in complaining.. and I really shouldn’t..coz there are people who still run around to get a job . 😦
So far as I am concerned I just have to thank god.. the universe and all elements which surround me as well as the people (each one of them) who have supported me (even if it was the faintest of smile on a dark cloudy day)  throughout my 22 odd years of existence.


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